Best Investments to Make Outdoors For Listing Your Home This Summer

If you’re considering listing your home this summer, curb appeal is paramount. It’s the first thing prospective buyers see when viewing your home, and can set the tone for the rest of the tour. Check out the list of  things below that could help you sell your perfect oasis.


  1. Exterior Paintrich-tervet-NiGlB_LallY-unsplash
    A relatively inexpensive investment that will totally upgrade your home’s curb appeal. First impressions matter!
  2. Sidingnathan-mullet-KYtXaVQ8gjE-unsplash
    The same goes for siding as it did paint. If your siding is looking worn out and dilapidated, it’s time to replace. Stucco and brick can also be painted so there are options to spruce up your outdoors.

  3. Front Doorlasse-moller-ej4PhK8zVqY-unsplash
    One of the most obvious things when looking at a home when pulling up to it- the front door. It also sets the tone for entering the property and what buyers can expect beyond its threshold. If your door is weathered, consider replacing it with something more modern. If that’s not in your budget, paint again will come to the rescue. A fresh paint job will spruce up any entrance way.

  4. Trim The Hedgesbrian-miller-TuQJ2Muj5sk-unsplash
    An obvious, yet somewhat overlooked thing. Nicely manicured hedges and shrubs create a visually appealing exterior. Trim your hedges. That is all.

  5. Deckshutomo-abrianto-9mPl0Zo7_gQ-unsplash
    If you have a deck, restoring or refinishing it can pay off. A safe, and visually appealing patio area creates more living space that buyers can take advantage of.

  6. Outdoor Entertaining Areascozy-outdoor-space-4112236
    People want to be able to imagine what it would be like to be sitting on that patio during the summer days sipping drinks, or entertaining friends and family when we are able to again. If you have a bare patio, consider dressing it up with chairs, tables and other touches that create a warm, welcoming environment that potential buyers can picture relaxing in themselves.

  7. Roof Repairsrobin-joshua-MjLrM8rVMC0-unsplash
    If your roof is looking dated, or worn consider replacing it, or getting areas repaired if it is in otherwise good condition. Not only is it one less thing to deal with for the new buyers which equates to extra money in your pocket, it also helps with curb appeal literally topping off the outdoor aesthetic.

  8. Outdoor Lightingshallow-focus-photography-of-yellow-string-light-185699
    Set the ambiance. Outdoor porch, patio, and path lights are a relatively inexpensive way to make your home not only safer, but also more visually appealing. Getting rid of rusted old front door lamps and replacing them with something more modern is a touch buyers will notice.

  9. Walkwayssonnie-hiles-L0BaowhFe4c-unsplash
    Maintaining your walkways is just as essential as your patios. Ensure you pluck any weeds potentially growing in between or along the edges, give it a good wash and ensure there’s no broken areas, and replace if needed.

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