Cambridge: Why You Should Make The Move

Nestled in southwestern Ontario, Cambridge provides a diversity of fantastic neighbourhoods, schools, employment and activities for everyone. Not only are we proud to call Cambridge home, here’s some reasons why we think you should consider the move also.

  1. Easy Commuter Access
    Cambridge is conveniently located right off the 401 midway between Toronto and London- aka a commuter’s dream. There’s also easy access to both Kitchener and Waterloo via Highway 8, as well as a straight 25 minute drive south down Highway 24 to Brantford, or 30 Minutes north on Highway 24 to Guelph. Talk about convenient.
  2. History
    The City of Cambridge was incorporated in 1973, when the three municipalities of Galt, Preston and Hespeler and the settlement of Blair were amalgamated into a single legal entity. Many buildings were built more than 200 years ago, and still remain, providing the city with an historic feel and atmosphere.
  3. River Access
    Both the Speed and Grand River meet in Cambridge, providing much of the city with easy river access. Many parks and trails lie along the river for walks with Fido, or picnics with the family. In the summer there are also many river activities including kayaking, fishing and more. Cambridge has more than 100 parks and 365 hectares cover the area and  70 KM of hiking, biking, and walking trails.
  4. Business Opportunity
    The city is a growing business hub with many big-box stores choosing to open locations in the city.  The city is also home to many amazing small businesses, including in the Galt downtown core that the RLP Crown crew frequent often.These include coffee shops, flower stores, and other amazing small boutiques with locally sourced, or handmade products.
  5. Affordability
    Another factor that makes Cambridge a great place to live is its affordability in comparison to other nearby cities. The average home price in Cambridge in May 2020 was $574,024, compared to Guelph at $580,122 and Toronto $741,567. With amenities like those mentioned above, Cambridge packs great bang for your buck.


If you have any questions about the area we call home, or are considering a move to our area, reach out! Our agent’s will be happy to find you the perfect home in our ‘hood.




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